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The Astrobotanist: (Adult SF): When a landing procedure goes wrong, astrobotanist Dr Remy Walters finds herself lost in the middle of an alien jungle. With no memory of who she is or why she’s there, all she has is a recording from her ship’s captain telling her she must complete her mission at all costs. The mission, she’ll have to figure out along the way with the help of her drone guide Harper. But the jungle has other plans, and when she’s not escaping sentient trees and carnivorous animal hybrids, she’s hearing voices and seeing things that Harper tells her aren’t real. The thing that’s following her, however, is, and when Harper malfunctions she discovers she’s not the only one in the jungle; nor the only one trying to find her ship. 

Annihilation meets The Luminous Dead. Listen to an extract from Cymera Fest 2020 Open Mic here.

A Seafarer’s Map to Mountains (YA magical realism/fantasy): In the aftermath of climate event the Rise, teenager Persie lives on the Scottish island of Trewa with her dad and brother Deacon. As Persie grows up, she encounters Nessa, an enigmatic Seafarer who visits every Samhain and Beltane, beguiling Persie with stories of far-off worlds. At the same time, Persie’s home faces dangerous storms, rising water and a deadly illness.

Nessa offers to show Persie the ways of a Seafarer and lures her to Maraben, a land of women and girls, eternal summer, and myth. But the magical realm’s power is waning and Nessa’s true intentions for bringing Persie there are quickly called into question. When Persie discovers her dad and brother are in danger, she sets off on a quest to uncover the truth and find a way to save them – but success will come at a great personal cost.

A Girl of Ink and Stars meets Deeplight. For this project, I’m delighted to be receiving mentoring from author Julie Bertagna (award-winning author of the Exodus trilogy) as part of the Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award.

In Search of Mercury (YA SF): Seventeen-year-old Qali leads an ordinary life in one of Earth’s last remaining cities. When her gamer love-interest Mercury goes missing, she is thrown into a conspiracy led by Crane Corp, a corrupt organisation with interests embedded across the galaxy. With Cranie agents on her trail, and nothing but Mercury’s coordinates to guide her, she flees home with her cat to embark on a search and rescue mission in space. Teaming up with a cowboy, his AI talking horse, and an alien treasure hunter, Qali’s journey spans several planets. Evading Crane Corp and opportunistic space pirates, she’ll discover that there’s more to Mercury’s story than it seems—and to her own. Soon she will have to choose between risking everything to save Mercury or face losing her forever.

Indiana Jones in space meets LIFEL1K3

A writing sample is available here as part of my Scottish Book Trust New Writers Award 2020

Short Fiction

‘The Day My Body Left’ – We Are Not Shadows, Folkways Press (Forthcoming)

‘Daughter of Fire and Water’ – Audio Script for Alternative Stories Podcast (Forthcoming)

‘How I Wonder’EllipsisZine (October 2020)

‘Lessons in Fate’MookyChick (October 2020)

‘The Weeping Willow’Transformation, Analogies and Allegories Literary Magazine (July 2020)

‘Flesh and Blood’ Retreat West , Second place, Monthly Micro Fiction Competition (July 2020)

‘A Kelpie’s Breath’ The Great Margin – published as part of Stay at Home Fest Residency (July 2020)

‘Second Skin’ Lightbox Originals, Runner Up, 100-words Story Competition (July 2020)

‘The European Pen Pal Programme for Incarcerated Criminals’Quaranzine, Malefaction Mag (June 2020)

‘A Space to Inhabit’ Liars’ League – Lockdown Literature Event, Mystery and Suspense Theme Winner – Published online and in audio/podcast format (June 2020)

‘Seeds of the Undying’MookyChick (April 2020)

‘Dreamcatcher’ Stay At Home Fest, Emerging Writer in Residence (April 2020)

‘Echo Chamber’ – Runner-up Cymera Fest Prize for Speculative Fiction with Shoreline of Infinity (June 2019)

‘The Commute’ The Fiction Pool Online (May 2018)

Top image from ‘Quaranzine’: Design copyright © Robert O’Sullivan 2020

Essays and Non-Fiction

Co-contributor – Imagine A Country, Canongate (March 2020) – the piece was also selected to be published as part of Books From Scotland‘s Edwin Morgan Issue here.

Feature Writing Editor and Contributor – Young Geographer Magazine: Arctic Perspectives, including ‘The Plight of Our Planet’ and interview with Greta Thunberg (December 2019)

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